About Us

Todd and Marita Scholtz have been and continue to be shaped into the likeness of Jesus.  Right after marrying, God called them to live, work and minister in Panama, Italy and Australia.  Over the course of ten years, these cross-cultural experiences strengthened their faith, increased their intimacy with Jesus, and enabled them to witness the power of the Holy Spirit.

Since 2008, Todd and Marita have served as pastors at Wilkens Avenue Mennonite Church in Baltimore, MD.  The challenges of urban ministry have continued to mold and shape them as ministers of the gospel of Jesus.  They are determined to continue shining as lights in the darkness, and to keep the hope alive that God wants to pour out His Holy Spirit, in a greater way, on Baltimore.  While looking forward to the harvest that God intends to bring, they continue calling forth others to bmore4jesus.

Todd and Marita currently reside in Baltimore, MD with their four children.

  1. I am pleased that you are sharing from the wealth of experiences and insights you have received from traveling and ministering all over the world. May God bless this new arm of your ministry

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